How can I send my product to Technical Service?

In order to be able to proceed with our Technical Service activity, you can contact our call center by calling 0808 304 5130 to complete your Technical Service registration process or directly deliver your product in person to one of our LetMeRepair UK.

After you complete your registration by contacting our call center, an RMA number will be assigned to you and the carrier will be directed to your address to take delivery of your product. Your product will be shipped to a LetMeRepair UK with a secure transport bag and the repair process will begin.

Your product will be taken delivery from your address after completion of registration through the call center. Alternatively, you can directly deliver your product in person to a LetMeRepair UK. In case you ship your product through a carrier without contacting our call center first, all responsibility and applicable shipment fees related to your product shall be borne by you.

LetMeRepair Repair Center:
LetMeRepair UK Ltd,
1 Langlands Court, Kelvin South Business Park, East Kilbride, G75 0YB

What should I do before I hand over my product?

Providing the call center with the necessary information about the problem with your product as well as creating back-ups for your data and files before the shipment would minimize the service and repair time at the repair center.

Tulpar Notebook and LetMeRepair are not responsible for any data loss that may arise during the repair period of your product.

How can I track the repair status of my product?

You can learn about the current status of your product by calling our call center at 0808 304 5130 or through LetMeRepair website
( by providing your RMA number.

Repair period for faulty product is from 1 to 7 days and you will also be notified by the Technical Service staff in case the repair period exceeds this time period. There is no troubleshooting or diagnostics fee for our technical service.

Once your product arrives at the repair center, in case an user error or any aspect that is not covered by the applicable warranty conditions is detected during the initial inspection, an expert analysis is conducted by technical specialists and then you will be informed by the customer services team for your approval to proceed with the repair. After your decision, the repair/return process will continue, and product repair timer will reset.

The user will be responsible for any potential problems that may arise due to any failure to contact such user in relation to the repair processes for the product.

If your product is under warranty, the technical service/repair center will complete all processes and customer services team will inform the user once the product is ready.

Technical service process begins as soon as you register through the call center and the period from registration until the user approval is actually provided is not deemed to be included in the legal period.

You can always call 0808 304 5130 to contact our Customer Services and inquire about your product or receive answers to your questions on other subjects, or you may ask for any information by sending a message from our website.

How do I receive my product?

Once your repair process is completed, the carrier will deliver your notebook with a secure transport bag to your address. You can take delivery of your notebook that you have personally delivered to a LetMeRepair Repair Center directly from the same location in person.

Products to be delivered in person at LetMeRepair UK are delivered to the recipient by the signature of the technical service delivery receipt form.

A storage fee may be charged to the user in case of any product that has not been taken delivery from the technical service/repair center within 30 days. Tulpar Notebook shall not be held responsible for products that have not been taken delivery within 90 days.

For repairs subject to applicable fees, delivery of the product will not take place until the receipt of the payment of such amounts. Once you have made the payment in full, your product will be delivered to the recipient’s same address. Waiting periods for approval of applicable fees, data, or payment due amounts for product repairs are not included in the technical service repair process.

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