Not without my Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice have become a big trend, and not just among gamers. While people used to put up with poorly manufactured mice and accepted malfunctions due to poor scanning or defective sensors, today high-quality, ergonomic gaming mice are worth the extra cost, even for non-gamers. Tulpar Notebook produces various gaming mice that meet the highest standards and offer the right variant for every user, whether gamer or not. Find your perfect gaming mouse.


When buying your gaming mouse, you have to make a first important decision: Should your gaming mouse be connected to your gaming computer by cable or wirelessly? The good news: Today, wireless mice work just as reliably as wired ones. This means that you can tailor your decision individually to your gaming situation. If you want to use your gaming mouse flexibly, maybe even on the coffee table, you can buy a wireless gaming mouse with a clear conscience. If you mainly play at your desk and don't want to worry about the battery life of your wireless gaming mouse, then go for the wired version.

Scanning and Accuracy

The accuracy of your gaming mouse results from the highest possible DPI value. The newer the built-in sensor, the better a gaming mouse can use its DPI.

Special Functions

So-called macro keys are particularly important for professional gamers. These are additional mouse buttons that can be individually assigned a special function. Many gaming mice have these macro buttons in the thumb position. The weight of some gaming mice can also be adjusted according to personal preferences. In this way, gamers ensure that their gaming mouse slides over the mouse pad neither too quickly nor too slowly.

Ergonomics and Design

Gaming mice can come in different sizes and be specially optimized for left- or right-handers. You decide what feels good for you. High-quality workmanship and high-quality materials are just as important as ergonomics that suit your hand. After all, you don't come into contact with any other accessory that often.

As with gaming keyboards, the lighting of gaming mice is not only a stylish feature, but also a functional one. With today's popular RGB lighting, you can see your mouse much better, even in a darkened environment.

  • Pusat V11 Gaming Mouse
    Pusat V11 Gaming Mouse
    • 8 Optimized Programmable Buttons
    • 7-Color RGB Backlighting with Effects
    • Durable Slippery TEFLON Sole
    • 1 ms Reporting Speed
    • Robust and Comfortable Design
  • Pusat One Shot Pro Wireless Mouse

    Pusat One Shot Pro
    Wireless Mouse

    • 700 mAh Rechargeable Battery
    • Adjustable 8 Levels of DPI 1000 - 16000
    • USB Type-C Charging + Qi Wireless Charging Support
    • 5 Different Profile Support
    • 8 Pieces of Programmable Keys
  • Pusat Business Pro Wireless Mouse

    Pusat Business Pro
    Wireless Mouse

    • 55 Hours Non Stop Usage with One Charge
    • Ergonomic design, it can be used with left and right hands
    • Dual-connection mode (Wireless/Bluetooth)
    • Connection with Two Devices Simultaneously
    • 10 Meters Wireless Usage Range
  • Pusat V5 Gaming Mouse

    Pusat V5
    Gaming Mouse

    • Ergonomic Design
    • Adjustable 24000 DPI Surface Scan Sensitivity
    • Programmable 11 Buttons