Leave reality behind and immerse yourself in the virtual world with the Aryond Monitor, which hardly differs from the real one. Liquid images in realistic colors make your game almost become reality. The curved screen makes it feel even more like you're in the middle of the action.

If you are a gamer, the screen is the heart of your PC equipment, because it is this that reflects the performance of your computer or console and gives you your true gaming experience. 

Aryond A32 or Aryond A27

You know as well as we do that a top gaming monitor is essential. But this is exactly where the agony of choice begins. Which product is the right one? You can be sure of one thing, our Aryond monitors will not disappoint you in any way. Because we only deliver the best quality. You can choose between the Aryond 32 Gaming Monitor and the Aryond A27. This is where your personal preference comes into play, because size is the main aspect that differentiates these two products. So the question you can ask yourself is, is 27” already more than enough for you, or do you want even more surface area with 32” on which to follow the gaming experience?

A Virtual Adventure

Whether Aryond A32 or 27 inch, you will be offered an excellent optical experience. Thanks to the latest technologies such as NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync, screen-related delays and lags are a thing of the past. The MRPT technology also ensures that no ghosting occurs on the Aryond monitor. Every pixel is in its right place at all times. You can enjoy even the fastest flying objects or exchanges of fire in all their sharpness!

Even with the large 27-inch Aryond monitor, you don't have to worry about being able to keep an eye on all the details of the game. The curved panel provides immense relief for the eyes and brain. Due to the curvature, it is much easier and more pleasant to keep an eye on everything that is happening - even with hectic movements.

The icing on the cake of visuality is the color scheme. With the 119.9% SRGB color spectrum, the Aryond monitor can reproduce every nuance that also exists in the real world and at a contrast value of 3000.

The All-Rounder: Much More Than Just Pictures

Of course, the primary purpose of a screen is to inspire visually - and that's exactly what our Aryond monitor models do. But that's not all. You don't need any extra lighting to create an even better atmosphere in the room. This is already integrated. RGB lighting is hidden on the back of the Aryond monitor, with which you can bring color into your room. This makes playing even more fun.

You don't even need external speakers if you choose an Aryond monitor product, because they are integrated. At least if you choose the Aryond 32 Gaming Monitor, you can look forward to two speakers, each with 2 watts and 8 ohms. The smaller screen variant has no integrated audio.

Don't Do Things by Halves: Choose Aryond Quality

What use is it to you if you have the latest console or the absolute high-end computer and then have to accept compromises because the screen cannot reproduce the performance at all. That won't happen to you with our Aryond monitors, you're on the safe side here and don't even have to look too deeply into your wallet. We have Aryond quality at a fair price. So look forward to the wow effect when you connect your Aryond monitor and be taken in by the visual splendor. Speaking of connecting: Of course, our Aryond models have all the important connections: HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, USB, headphones and power input.

So, we think that all questions should be answered. Have fun choosing and playing!

  • Aryond A32 V1.3 Gaming Monitor

    Aryond A32 V1.3
    Gaming Monitor

    • Built-in Speaker
    • 1Ms Response Time
    • 165 Hz Refresh Rate