Tulpar™ is The Lifestyle Brand For Gamers

Tulpar™ is the lifestyle brand for gamers.

When challenge, game and performance come together, that's where you'll see the green eyed monster staring right through your soul.

The green monster eye symbolizes the personality of the Tulpar that never sleeps and is always ready for new challenges. Tulpar strives to become a part of the global gamer ecosystem and to open up new markets worldwide with its activities.

Tulpar products range from high-performance gaming notebooks to specialized gaming accessories and content services for gamers. In addition, Tulpar offers its Customers true after-sales services and product customization options. Along with its prominent place in the gaming market, Tulpar also focuses on designers, architects, and many others who need high-performance laptops for their work."

Vision: Touching the lives of people with the power of technology and art to share happiness. 

Mission: Offering high performance solutions to excite all the monsters who would like to make their dreams come true with extraordinary experiences every day.

Monster Computer Technology UK LTD

17 Savile Row
London, England W1S 3PN

Phone Number: 0808 304 5130

Mail: [email protected]

VAT: 398 5921 32

Company No: 13665171

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